I started a bullet journal!

I’m new to the bullet journaling craze. I came across the concept a few months ago and started my first “bujo” on June 1st of this year. If you haven’t heard of it, you can watch Ryder Carroll’s video here or checkout his website for more details. I also really enjoy Boho Berry‘s website and bullet journaling videos.

My personal bullet journal uses Ryder’s original components but also includes my creative journal writing and random doodles. I usually explain my bullet journal by saying it’s a combination of a to-do list, a calendar, a planner, and a journal. It’s a way to plan out your months, weeks, and days to stay organized and get things done. Here are some highlights from mine.

I started my bujo with a yearly spread. As you can see, this includes holidays, birthdays, and a calendar for the whole year. 

Bujo 1

I start every month with a monthly spread. I list all the days of the month and then insert appointments, events, birthdays, etc. 

Bujo 2

I follow up my monthly spread with a monthly tracker. This allows me to track certain habits throughout the month to see how successful I am in sticking to my personal goals. As you can see, no one’s bujo is 100% perfect! Mistakes are okay.

Bujo 3 (2)

I also set up a second tracker for my moods. I assign a mood number to each day and log it on my tracker.

Bujo 4

Next up: weekly spreads. Every Sunday, I draw out my weekly pages. I’ve included two different versions here. You can see that, depending on how much time I have or how creative I’m feeling, my spread isn’t always the same.

Bujo 5

This week was my first week making a meal plan. It didn’t really work out, but that’s okay.

Bujo 6

Here are some examples of my daily spreads. I try to do these before I go to bed each night or first thing in the morning. I’ve recently discovered this particular set up and really love it. I’m able to see my entire day at once. In the “Plans” quadrant, I put my schedule for that day and other specific tasks that I know I’m going to do or that I know I really need to do. In the “Habits” quadrant, I track certain physical activities that I’m either trying to increase or decrease. Some of these also appear on my monthly tracker. The “Mood Notes” quadrant (which later became just “Notes”) are my personal snippets about how I feel throughout the day. Lastly, the “Did List” is where I record things I’ve done AFTER they are completed. This just feels really good to do.

Bujo 7

Other examples of my daily spreads. Some days I feel more creative.

Bujo 8

Today’s blank spread.

Bujo 9

You can also add special lists to your bujo. Actually, you can add whatever you want! I chose to do a “Home Projects” list since I’m a new homeowner and have lots of ideas/plans for my house. If I don’t write them down, I’ll forget them!

Bujo 10

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peak into my bujo. I plan to update my main bullet journal page as my spreads become more advanced. Also, look out for bullet journal blogs posts on my blog page!

Happy journaling! 🙂


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